Nearly 90% of employees agree that they perform their jobs better in a well designed work space. A holistic, design-driven floorplan utilizing standing desks can have a positive impact on how your employees perform and collaborate. UPLIFT Desk can help your office thrive with best-in-class, affordable solutions. With strategic planning and a dedicated partner in UPLIFT Desk, you can achieve the stylish design your team needs to live healthier, work better, and feel inspired.


A Peaceful, Yet Powerful Sit to Performance Improvement For better workday and for a stronger staff. Those who work on motorized adjustable standup desk - SmartDesk not only report reductions in back and neck pain, they're also able to stay focused for longer, increase working productivity resulting in performance improvement.


A Peaceful, Yet Powerful Sit to Stand Frame Our motorized standing desks are built with aluminum, antirust frame that can handle up to 300 pounds of desk load. Our SmartDesk remembers up to four positions and switches heights on a dime. High performance motors that raise the surface produce under 45 decibels of sound, about that of a bird call.


BUILDING YOUR OFFICE OF THE FUTURE SmartDesks are our best standing desks, yet! They have been helping more than 130,000 offices worldwide to improve employee health, productivity, and morale. For company-wide adoption or personal use, our sensibly priced height adjustable standing desk is perfect for you and your staff to deliver stronger work while achieving greater wellbeing.